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  • Precision Air Water Syringe

    VABO® high quality air water syringe,  precise control of air, water and spray.

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  • Premium Dental Saliva Ejector

    VABO® Premium Dental Saliva Ejector,Quick Disconnect, Metal Lever, DCI Style,

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  • Vacuum Canister

    VABO® Dental Vacuum Canister Locking Lid, Light Grey.

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  • Deluxe Extended HVE

    VABO® Deluxe Universal Autoclavable HVE,Quick Disconnect, Metal Lever, Connects to 1/2" ID Tubing

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  • Air Water Syringes

    high quality dental unit air Water syringe, DCI Style, precise control of air, water and spray...

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  • Vacuum Parts

    Deluxe High Volume Evacuation, Saliva ejector, A-Dec suction handpiece, vacuum canister...

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  • Holders

    Asepsis Molded Automatic Dental Handpiece Hanger,Asepsis Molded Standard Syringe Hanger...

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  • Dental Unit Valves

    Flow Control Needle Valve, toggle valves, Routing Valves, Water Retraction Relay, Shuttle Valve, Mini Regulator...

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  • Handpiece Connector

    4 Holes Midwest Handpiece Connector, 3 holes Borden Handpiece connector, 2 hole Borden Handpiece connector...

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  • Dental Unit Fittings

    Quick Disconnect With Shut-off, Barb Tee, Hex Plug, Barbs, Barb to Barb...

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  • Gages

    Rectangular Gauge,

    1-1/2" Gauge 0-150 PSI ...

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  • Foot Control pedal

    2 holes Shrouded Foot Control pedal, 3 holes Wet / Dry Foot Control pedal, 4 holes Wet / Dry Foot Control pedal ...

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